3 H Tutoring

3 H tutoring stands for Hope, Help and Honor. When TerraBeth Jochems, facilitator of 3 H tutoring, finished her over 30 years in the school district she knew that she couldn't NOT help kids. She had a "I can't stands it no more" moment when she knew of struggling readers falling through the cracks in the school system. Through her experience facilitating the Susan Barton teaching method she knew that with a little guidance and help with honor would give hope to each of them. She has helped and is currently helping student achieve goals they once thought impossible. In addition to helping kids she is training additional adults to help kids as well. If you would like to invest in kids so that they will thrive in school TerraBeth will coach you through the process so that you can change a child's trajectory in school and life. Use the contact us form to do so.