Book Nooks

The Little Free Library is not a new concept to Billings however our approach is slightly different than those that currently exist around town. We endeavor to exclusively serve kids in need of reading material. A Little Free Library is in its most basic form just receptacle that can hold books. It’s a “take a book, return a book” gathering place where friends of books share their favorite literature and stories.

Book Nooks for the eager minds of kids from Chuck Barthuly on Vimeo.

Our little free libraries are called Book Nooks and they are especially geared towards kids.  Book Nooks will be placed in and around areas of town that have kids who are in need of books. Many of the families in the areas of our community that we hope to serve do not have the financial resources to provide books for their kids or in some cases do not value the life skill of reading enough to make sure their children have access to fun and interesting reading material. We want to fix that. No child should be denied access to books, ever!

As the saying goes “take a book, return a book” we do hope this honor system is upheld but more importantly we hope that even if the book does not make it back to the Book Nook, those kids that want more reading material will feel welcome to come get another book and read the cover off of it.

We hope that the Book Nook concept is a stepping stone in breaking the cycle of poverty. Education is an essential ingredient to do that. Reading is an critical part of learning and education. As is often repeated, we all learn to read kindergarten through third grade and for the rest of our lives we read to learn. Secondly, reading inspires and fills the imagination of the reader to pursue dreams outside of their own socio-economic environment.

Many families have books boxed up in their storage rooms and closets taking up space. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that those books are being enjoyed by a child that would otherwise not have a single book let alone a box full of them gathering dust.

If you would like a Book Nook in your area of town please contact us.



  • 316 Jefferson Street
  • 420 MacArthur Street
  • 23 Washington Ct.
  • Ponderosa Elementary School at 4188 King Avenue E.
  • Oasis Water Park and Community Center at  543 Aronson Avenue
  • 434 Lewis Avenue
  • 42 Nimitz
  • 2802 8th Avenue South
  • 608 3rd Avenue North- Laurel
  • Broadview
  • Lockwood School- Boys and Girls Club
  • 908 South Broadway
  • 473 Bunting Street
  • 1030 St. Johns at Community Housing Complex
  • 473 Bunting Street- Literacy Center
  • 1890 Woody Drive at Community Housing Comlex
  • 3942 2nd Avenue South-CLDI