Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The Better Billings Foundation exists to provide opportunities where kids and families thrive.

Our Vision

We believe in the potential of all kids and that a strong family unit reduces the likelihood of kids becoming involved in at risk activities. Because young people from disadvantaged circumstances have the greatest obstacles and fewest resources, our approach places a special emphasis on reaching and serving these young people. Given the proper resources, encouragement and opportunities based upon the context from which they come, kids and families will have the opportunity to grow spiritually, improve personally and strengthen relationally. They will in turn become the leaders of our community with the insight and experience to transform Billings into a better place. Our donors celebrate the life change of kids, the strengthening of families and the transformation of our community, made possible by an engaged and caring board of directors and community partners.

Our Values


We believe in the potential of every child. As one of God’s wonderful creations, every child has the ability and capacity to contribute positively to the fabric of our community. With thoughtful encouragement, proper resources, and clear direction, we believe kids will thrive.


We believe that people aspire to be part of something bigger than them. We champion giving as a method to link generous hearts to programs and projects that will reach beyond expectations.


We believe that impacting a generation begins with understanding the cultural context they come from. We immerse ourselves in meaningful dialog among those whom we serve so that our efforts meet their needs.


We believe that Truth is found in the Bible where God clearly commands those who love him to love and serve their neighbor and is our guiding document from which we will not deviate. We are excited to reach into our community and show God’s love for His people.


We believe that relationships are the key to our success. Building a bridge of common understanding based on trust and respect we can set aside differences and focus on our common goals. We strive to be a unifying organization linking the hopes for a better Billings to the reality of a better Billings.