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We have the privilege of living in the Yellowstone River Valley. Water flows through our community everyday bringing life, health and refreshment. Water is necessary for survival, but put water in a big hole and kids and families not only survive but thrive. Water is one of our best recreational commodities. The challenge in Billings was that didn't have enough gathered in one place. We needed another pool! The goal of the capital campaign, Pool Together, was to raise $5.1 million to resource the construction of a public outdoor aquatic facility and community center that will benefit the entire community and region. Even before the loss of Athletic Pool our community lacked the aquatic facilities to accommodate our kids and families desiring a safe and fun place to enjoy an aquatic experience. In collaboration with Harvest Church, the Better Billings Foundation took the leadership role to unite the community behind the funding and construction of this state-of-the-art aquatic facility and community center. With the support of well over a thousand families and businesses the dream became a reality June 3, 2012. The BBF owns and operates the outdoor water park which is open to the public.

Pool Layout 


Aquatic Center Elements

  • Zero-depth-entry swimming pool
  • 3-story water slides
    • enclosed flume
    • open flume
  • Wave generator
  • Large interactive play feature
  • Current channel
  • Toddler pool with play features

Community Center

  • 5,600 sq. ft. facility
  • Lobby
  • Large meeting space
  • Shower and lavatory facilities
  • Dressing rooms
  • Concession area

Green Spaces

  • Landscaped lawns
  • Flower gardens
  • Shade trees and shrubs
  • Shelter areas

Possible Future Expansion

  • Teaching/Exercise pool
  • Flowrider-simulated wave
  • Expanded deck space and landscaping

Other Considerations

  • Easily accessible to entire community
  • Designed to accommodate needs of physically challenged
The Better Billings Foundation continues to build relationships around the community to add additional amenities to The Oasis maintaining the excitement and viability of the facility. 

Relationships fostered through this process are numerous and we celebrate the hundreds of partnerships of generous caring families, community-minded organizations, and granting agencies as well the City of Billings who have made our progress possible. We are truly grateful for those relationships and with The Oasis open and operating look forward to collaborate with others who share in our vision of a better Billings. We have more work to do and, we can’t do it without your support!

Be a part of this collaborative effort and help us make this state-of-the-art community project  even more of a thrilling destination. This aquatic facility and community center is unmatched in functionality and fun in our region and will directly benefit the population of the entire region. Let’s pool together and make a splash



Visit The Oasis website for more information!


Oasis is a great place for families to create lasting memories but understand that sometimes financial resources limit those opportunities. Caring individuals have donated funds for scholarships. If your family qualifies for free and reduced lunch you may be eligible for a discounted or free pass. Please click on the link and submit the Scholarship Application to info@betterbillings.com or drop it off at Oasis

The Vision

As a part of the Billings community for over 50 years – growing up on the west-end, owning a business downtown, and now living in the Heights – I have always dreamed of a city that unites behind a common goal.

Few things are better than the vibrancy and optimism created by unity, and one of the best ways to draw a community together is to play together. The Oasis aquatic facility brings people from Billings and the surrounding area together to socialize and recreate.

More than ever our families and kids need a place to exercise, laugh, relax and hang out… it’s good for all as it creates community, healthy living and strengthens families. Thank you all who have contributed and sacrificed to make this dream a reality.

Chuck Barthuly
 Executive Director
 Better Billings Foundation