Volunteer Overview

At the heart of the Better Billings Foundation is the desire to collaborate with others to work side by side with people from all walks of life to transform our community. By utilizing the diverse resources of the people in our community we can make Billings a better place. There are numerous opportunities throughout our organization to use the talents and skills we have been given like helping with events to mentoring kids and families. We are inspired by the kind of giving that is expressed in “The Magnificent Obsession” written by Lloyd Douglas that when we help someone, we only ask to be repaid by that someone lending a hand to another person in need when the opportunity comes along. This one act of kindness then is multiplied over and over. Sign up now!

Volunteer Opportunities


Flip Flops & Fancy

Our annual event committee is hard at work planning what will be a most memorable evening of comedy, delectable cuisine and inspiration. If you have an interest in assisting with planning, acquisition of donated gifts, decorating or anything related, we would love your involvement. Sign up today for the event committee, guaranteed a blast!

Park to Park

Park to Park is one of our most exciting serving opportunities.

How can kids from the other side of town get to the Oasis and how is the Oasis going to be different from other aquatic facilities in Billings? These were the questions that were the genesis of the Park to Park Mentoring Program. Our desire in Park to Park is to connect some of our most deserving youth with our most talented young adults through a mentoring program. If you are passionate about helping kids and eager to volunteer  time to be a part of something bigger than yourself, then Park to Park is for you. Sign up today!

Mentors are expected to give kids the love and attention they are so often deprived of, and show the kids how promising life can be when making positive choices. The kids are ecstatic to hang out with a successful high school and college aged students. The program has been structured in a way to help the mentors have maximum success with the kids. An outing or activity is planned for each week to The Oasis or other community facility, eliminating the need for the mentors to plan their own activities or spend their own money.