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our story

The Better Billings Foundation was born from a vision and a deep passion to help meet the needs within our community and region by partnering with other caring organizations and individuals. The BBF was founded in 2005 by the leaders of Harvest Church in Billings, Montana as a separately governed, non-sectarian organization dedicated to providing community service and facilities, as well as outreach and opportunities for family enhancement and youth achievement. The Foundation’s goal is to strengthen the regional community by offering support for activities, projects, and services addressing the needs of at-risk, low- and moderate-income individuals, civic activities, and family support.


No community can flourish if it lacks healthy and safe spaces for discussion, education, interaction, and welcoming places for its children and families to grow and learn. To advance this mission, the Better Billings Foundation received the status as a 501(c)(3) public charity organization in November of 2005 with an independent Board of Directors and staff, including a Foundation Director. Board members include individuals from various community sectors without a specific denomination as a prerequisite for membership on the Board. Board members are committed to strengthening and nourishing the community in a regional area. With the strength of a diversified Board, the collaborative effort of the Better Billings Foundation hopes to achieve great things for the Billings community.

our strategy

collaborate // cultivate // resource 

From the beginning, the BBF has been in collaboration with Harvest Church and we continue to find other opportunities where working together generates outcomes that surpass what one individual or organization can do alone. 

Relationships are key to the success of strong partnerships. As we work toward educating people about BBF and our projects and programs, we hope that many will join us in the process of making Billings better.

No task can be accomplished without the appropriate resources. Whether it’s time, expertise, or funds -- each valuable resource is required to see all of our projects and programs come to fruition. The BBF works diligently to steward the resources and contributions that are given to us as they go out to serve our community.

our projects


This state-of-the-art aquatic center and community center has been the center of fun, memories, swim lessons, and more since 2012.

book nooks

"Take a book, return a book!" These book nooks can be found in multiple locations around Billings where reading materials are needed. 

Park 2 Park BBF 2.jpeg
park 2 park

Park 2 Park connects some of our most deserving youth with our most talented youth through a mentoring program.

Outdoors Tutoring

Hope + Help + Honor. Through the Barton Method and trained volunteers, we are serving those in need of tutoring services around the city.

Family Entertainment

We are passionate abut helping parents, guardians, and primary caregivers learn tools to raise and guide children into a healthy adulthood.

Image by Daniel McCullough

Designed to increase the positive impact of the Sahara Park property on the Billings community and further the longevity of the Oasis.

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